I've mentioned you can fish in the stream here on the property or within the many rivers locally.  Fly fishing is popular in this area.

However, fishing has been taken to more professional levels with the number of fishing lakes in the area. Many can be utilised for the half day/day and stock mostly carp with sizes exceeding 50 to 60 lbs. Whilst I'm not a passionate participant, I have many friends who live to fish and so I am in a position to provide information.

To fish the rivers or public lakes a license is required. Fortunately, there is a Holiday license, the Carte Vacance which lasts 15 days at approx E30, available at many of the local shops or bars (a passport photo is required). This then allows you to fish on all of the public waterways in the Dordogne.  There are many lakes nearby that are popular withe locals.

However, many head for one of the private lakes to chase down some of the massive Carp. Licenses are generally not required to fish these lakes with each charging their own rates for a full day or half day of fishing.
All are under fished compared to English rivers and lakes.

Some links highlighting some of the fishing opportunities nearby:

Fly fishing: