Heated Swimming Pools

Why share a pool with other, noisy guests?  Who wants to get up early to reserve a sun lounger?  Don't fancy swimming in cold, frigid water? And why deal with sore eyes and dry skin associated with the usual chlorine pool?

Well, at Chez Bigot, you don't have to worry about any of the above.  Both cottages have their OWN private pool.

Each pool is as eco friendly as a pool can be. They are heated using the suns warmth extracted using an air sourced heat pump (heated to a minimum of 27C, weather permitting). This greatly reduces the electricity used in heating.  And the pool utilises natural salt (at a much lower salt content than the sea) to keep the pool clean instead of chemicals having to be added. This results in much softer water, kinder on the skin, eyes and the environment.  Modern automation ensures the pool maintains a high hygiene standard at all times, a common failing particularly with shared pools.

Because each pool is above ground, it is naturally a safer environment for younger guests and conforms to the stringent French pool safety regulations (many Gite pools fail miserable with security). And the extensive wood decking provides a lovely area to relax in the sun, with sail shades, comfortable stylish chairs and loungers and a bbq. 

Each pool is approximately 24sqm in size (e.g. 6m by 4m) and a child friendly 1.1 meters deep.  Whilst you wont be able to train for the next Olympic 100m freestyle record, these pools provide the perfect environment for sipping a long drink, floating on a lilo or training your young ones to be the next Jacques Cousteau.  All our guests have commented on how ideal the pools are, from youngsters learning to swim, to teenagers just wanting to chill in the sun!  We love them.

We think that these pools offer the best solution to providing an ecological, safe, warm and hygienic swimming environment. 

Please note: The pool heating is dependent on the seasonal weather.  It is generally on by mid May and off by mid September but exceptional years will impact this and the subsequent temperature of the pool.  Since their installation in 2015 they have performed admirably with minimum pool temps of 27C.